Warm Tuscan Style Living Room Decorations

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Tuscan Style Living Room Brick Wall

Tuscan style living room – you want to have a home where you breathe a warm atmosphere and the feeling that you are living in the green and rolling hills of Italy, then you have to make the decoration of your room in a Tuscan style, for this you have to take into account some tips So you know how to decorate a Tuscan-style living room.

For the decoration of tuscan style living room you have to give priority to the combination of colors and suitable textures that are classic of this style, besides the special ambient illumination, the furniture and the different appropriate accessories, so that every time you get home you feel Completely relaxed and super comfortable.

To complement the decor of the walls of the living room, you better idea that you use stucco so that you can get a Tuscan character to the walls otherwise smooth and free of textures. For this case you have to paint walls with a warm and rich color, such as ocher, terracotta or roasted sienna. Another tuscan style living room option that you have for the decoration of a Tuscan style room is to make a treatment for walls, such as varnishing or fading, which provides a somewhat rustic and aged style.

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