Wood Pellet And Wood Stoves

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Wood Stoves For Heating

Wood Stoves – Consider a wood pellet or wood stoves as a great solution to reduce high heating costs. Each offer not only adds a primary or secondary heating system in your home, but also a great way to a dramatic fire to any room. Both burn woods, which is carbon neutral, it’s the best choice for the natural gas environment, or petroleum-based fuels. Although wood can be more accessible, wood pellets offer the advantage of burning cleaner.

Wood stoves are the traditional choice, but pellet stoves are gaining popularity for their convenience and earth-friendly charm. If the choice of both types of cooking, use the following questions to find the right solution for you: If you want a free-standing unit or a fireplace insert as a heating source for your home, we make shopping for a wood or pellet stove easier. Discover what it takes to install, learn performance advantages and disadvantages and how to choose the best fuel for your lifestyle.

Unlike traditional wood stoves, pellet stoves do not require a traditional fireplace and chimney. Freestanding models can go almost anywhere, if at hand an electrical outlet. Although pellet stoves are less expensive to install than wood stoves, we recommend using a professional installer to ensure the safety of the exhaust system.

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