Wood Stove Fan Installing

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Cast Iron Wood Stove Fan

Wood stove fan – The circulation the heat from stoves, firewood is sometimes a challenge. To avoid cold spots in some areas and in other extreme heat, it is necessary to move the air. Use the following tips to learn how to better circulate air heated by a wood stove. Locate your stove in a convenient location. There is no efficient way to move the warm air to the floor upstairs from the basement. It is best to place it in a central location on the main floor of the house.

Place wood stove fan in places where the ceilings are high, where warm air collects. If you are bidirectional, they have blown down and not with the air upward. Small door fans fit into a small corner of a door to take the hot air and transport it to the next room.

Wood stove fan, removes the part of the wall between the top of the door and the ceiling, called crossbar. In the old houses it was common to have crossbars hinged to make it easier to open and close. Remove this part of the wall will allow the hot air from the fireplace to flow freely down the hall or into the next room. Made with proper care, it looks as if the rest of the doorframe, but requires work on structures and knowledge of how to woodworking.

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